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Right below, you'll find a range of our case studies that exemplify the successful collaborations we've had with our clients.

These case studies demonstrate how our customized solutions have helped organizations in different sectors achieve their unique objectives and overcome challenges.

Take a closer look at the notable outcomes we have delivered in the following projects.

Case Studies

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Boter is an application for the administration of all internal processes within the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. It allows you to manage all the necessary administrative data. This includes everything from the employee database and work allocations to study programmes, courses and curricula.

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For KOTO d.o.o. we have developed an application for the management and optimisation of catering waste. It includes an administrative interface, a web application for customers and a mobile application for drivers. The administrative interface allows the management of customers, locations, orders and waste. The customer web app provides an overview and statistics of orders, while the mobile app shows drivers routes, navigation and waste logging.

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We have developed an application to digitise the internal product ordering process of a major customer. It allows you to submit purchase requests and track the confirmation path. The application allows customising the approval path, separating requests by department, project and employee, and entering monthly and annual plans. It also includes a comprehensive statistics module that provides insight into the company's spending, with the ability to filter the data according to different criteria.

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Urnik is a web application that shows a weekly schedule of activities, meetings, school hours, work hours, etc. It was developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana.

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For Gomline d.o.o. we are developing a web application for production control and implementation of Industry 4.0. The application automates work processes, increases control and facilitates business operations. Current functionalities include scheduling of work tasks, overview of production status, generation of employee schedules and real-time temperature monitoring. New components are continuously being added to digitise the production process, reduce errors, increase business visibility and improve reliability.

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We manufactured a machine for Knauf Insulation